Ever since I can remember I have loved Art and Books. I love drawing and crafting, and over the years my art has developed in different ways.
This business is my Art outlet, it is where I create things that I think are beautiful and share them with you lovely people. I hope you like them too.

Email: craftsfromawritingdesk@gmail.com

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Crafts From A Writing Desk


The Face From Behind the Writing Desk, ‘Anna Goadby ‘
Deep within the rolling hills of the idyllic Lake District nestles a sleepy village with a quaint public house, where I quietly stow away and create my artwork from my trusty bureau ‘Bob!’ (yes he has a name, doesn’t yours?’) Myself and Buttons the ginger one gaze from my study window and seek inspiration from our gorgeous garden, the sheep filled fields and the enchanted woodland where we catch glimpses of the Deer family. (What do you call them as a collective?) Well they are definitely a family to me!
With Bob and Buttons on my knee, these furry and feathered friends make regular appearances in my work, within snippets of their habitat created through the medium of papercutting, pencils and paints.
I have a weakness for anything ‘Alice’ and this often creeps into my art too. I love quirky things (like my friends!) and my recent ‘Peekawho’ range definitely resonates an old english unique twist. Iam also about to embark on pet comissions, thanks to a ‘quirky’ friend posting a portrait of The Ginger One as a kitten! Which since painting in May 2015 I had hidden away.
So this is me Anna, saying hi and thankyou for all the continued and new support for my page.